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diving0.jpgThe seas of the region are very interesting for divers because of the geomorphic features which they have (rocky or sandy beaches and small islands and small islets and rocks) and hydrological, climatic and physicochemical characteristics creating a multivariate composition marine fauna and flora... 

Meadows of Posidonia and sand, rocky complexes, reefs, vertical cuts and small shoals are creating very good conditions for marine organisms. The seabed is extremely rich in varieties of fish, crustaceans, mollusks, nudibranchs, echinoderms, polyps, anthozoa and others and dangerous aquatic except sea urchins are not frequently met.

Moreover the prospective diver, other than residents of the seabed will meet at the bottom of the Patras Gulf and the Corinthian Gulf, remains of history ,the shipwrecks scattered across the two gulfs. There are more over 10 shipwrecks in the region most of which sank during the WWII.

Photos: Aggelos Dermatas and Giorgos Karelas

Organized diving schools in Patras:

Karaflos Christos , Norman 44 tel:2610 435104, www.patrasdivingcenter.gr
Nikolopoulos Nikos, Ag. Sophias 62 tel: τηλ.2610 454714, www.ioniandivers.gr
Katrivesis Nektarios ,tel : 6946525771, www.nekdiving.gr