Canoe - Kayak - Rafting

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More and more sportsmen, fans of alternative sports, are thrown into the battle with river currents, whether the sport is called kayaking or rafting. The truth is that visitors of the region combine "sports with pleasure" and beyond the sport they have the opportunity to become acquainted with rare natural beauty, discover the rare secrets of rivers Ladonas and Erymanthos.

Although Ladonas River is considered to be among the most difficult rivers of Greece, it is suitable even for beginners. In combination with the impressive wild scenery, the area is classified among the most advantageous when it comes to rafting and kayak. Trainers of Marine Sports Association of Dafni (N.A.O.D. tel 6937952787) guaranty your safety. Ladonas River and Ladonas lake are also available for Cycling.
Activities of N.A.O.D.:
N.A.O.D. Settlement:
In Dafni village, at Ai Nikolas hill’s peak there is a hostel for 24 persons, with equipment store, dressing rooms for men and women with showers, communal places and lounge providing food by the fireplace to visitors.
Erymanthos River…runs every year non-stop. Along with it rafting athletes ‘run’ starting from Tripotama of Aroania municipality and reaching Ancient Olympia (crossing 40 klm through a landscape of unique beauty). The most beautiful route is the one starting from Tripotama to Vidaki location.