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Agrotourism means hospitality in a natural environment with local character and direct contact with rural life, farming, agricultural work, with nature, flora and fauna. Agrotourism is a form of resistance to the devastation posed by mass tourism, which is tourism without identity. Agrotourism allows visitors to spend relaxing vacations in nature, outside the framework of the developed tourism, in a friendly atmosphere created by nature and its people. It provides contact with traditional lifestyle of the villages inhabitants and authentic local cuisine.

Staying in traditional settlements and traditional inns made of stone and wood, gives another dimension to holidays and of course enables tourism to meet genuine Greek hospitality as only the villagers know how to offer it. In agrotourism, tourist is a guest, a friend, a fan of natural environment, a traveller looking for the secrets on nature, authenticity and beauty, focusing on quiet life, natural heritage and all unique and individual assets that each destination has to offer.

The whole philosophy of agrotourism is based on interpersonal, human, direct and friendly relationship between rural residents and visitors. The potential visitor of Achaia may come into contact with nature, will follow the procedures of taming land, collecting fruits, visiting museums of the area and learning the secrets of the loom and embroidery. The visitor is given the opportunity to observe animals and birds, to try the local wine, to participate in production, to understand the correct time of harvest, taste, smell, and observe the colour of the wine of our region, the difference in varieties and others.

There are many farms and local shops for agricultural products for example at Planitero, Selinus and Upper Diakopto, where visitors will experience in first-hand local products and their manufacturing methods.

Another area that combines rural tourism, environmental education, rural and cultural heritage and local cuisine, is the Museum of Water Power Eftapitas at Municipality of Sympoliteia.