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Patras has one of the biggest markets in Greece. Apart from the local stores that have high quality of products, many international commercial companies have opened shops of clothing and footwear.

Visitors have the opportunity to shop, choosing from a wide variety of clothing, footwear, ornaments, gifts, furniture, electronic products etc.

Most commercial shops are in the historic city centre of the city and especially in the pavement of Agiou Nikolaou, in Riga Feraiou in Maizonos and Corinthou. Therefore, the visitor can always combine a walk in the busy commercial market of the city enjoying the coffee in one of the numerous cafes.

In the town of Egio the commercial centre retaining data from the greatness of the past having a wide variety of products and shops of all kinds with the latest fashion trends. The visitors could shop especially on the streets Mitropoleos, Kleomenous Economou and Ermou finding branded products of high aesthetic and enjoy a coffee in the area.