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Visiting Achaia is a tasteful adventure based on the excellent products which can satisfy every taste your search.

Based on these products, a traditional cuisine based on local meat and fresh fish, handmade pasta, virgin olive oil, feta cheese and the excellent wine has developed. But in recent years, besides the traditional recipes, culinary creations that can compete with the more sophisticated dishes of experienced chefs are encountered.

Thus, in Achaia, the visitor will have the opportunity to find traditional and ouzo taverns, as well as creative restaurants with emphasis on high quality range of wines. The visitor has plenty of options for quality food both in the city of Patras and Egio, as well as at the villages that are scattered in every corner of Achaia.

Within Patras, the visitor can find the area of the Trion Navarchon Square, where there are restaurants and tavernas offering mainly traditional cuisine. Especially during the summer months, the restaurants have tables on the pavement creating charming spots and the square is full of life. Also, visitors can find more sophisticated cuisine in Upper Town, where traditional houses are gradually transformed into trendy restaurants with excellent menu of the most popular international cuisines and a variety of winecellars with local and foreign bottled wines. In the centre of the city of Patras and in particular at the top of the streets Agiou Nikolaou and Gerokostopoulou there are numerous taverns with traditional dishes which are always accompanied by local wine. These restaurants are for many years the daily hangout of the student population of the city and it is particularly popular to the young guests who want to "catch" the pulse of the city. And of course, in Patras there are countless bar-restaurants that combine active and modern cuisine with cocktails and sophisticated environment of modern leisure. Such choices are scattered both in the historic square of Ipsila Alonia in Patras, the marina area at Pelekaneika and the shopping streets such as Agiou Nikolaou and Riga Feraiou.

In a short distance from Patras is Vrahneika beach which has a picturesque waterfront landscape with calm sea and hosts numerous tavernas and restaurants literally by the sea. The visitor will find here dishes based on fresh fish and seafood, accompanied with ouzo. Similarly, on the opposite side of the city is the beach of Rio with taverns and restaurants of which some have been established decades ago and have hosted famous guests. Remaining to the same area and going towards the train tracks, the visitor will encounter more dining options as there are many restaurants surrounded by nature, which have mostly Greek cuisine. Taking the beachside road to Corinthos, visitors will encounter settlements by the sea like Psathopirgos that is popular for the diverse landscape, combining sea and mountain, surrounded by green nature. The village has a jetty which especially during the summer months, the restaurants of the area spread tables offering exquisite seafood overlooking the fishing boats and the blue waters.
alt In the town of Egio tourists have the opportunity to visit the square of Agia Lavra known for the souvlaki food which is a classic meeting point for local people to enjoy moments of relaxation while enjoying the beer and the ouzo. At the beach of Egio with the old renovated raisin warehouses which give a particular colour it worth visiting the taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy a selection of appetizers with ouzo and beer and find a variety of restaurants of both traditional local cuisine with European and exotic flavours. At the municipal department of Fteri on an altitude of 1200m you can enjoy, apart from the natural beauty and incredible views of the Corinthian Gulf, the fresh meats and the traditional cuisine of the taverns.

The nearby villages of Egio from Longos to Diakofto, during the summer months, are full of visitors who can enjoy fresh fish and traditional dishes of countless tavernas and restaurants that can satisfy the most demanding tastes.

The visitor will also meet excellent traditional cuisine at the municipality of Kalavrita and the surrounding villages like Zachlorou, Tripotama and Planitero, where you can try grilled trout on charcoal and other local delicacies.