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Patras is a pretty lively town especially because of the many university students who live here and the locals who have particular temperament on the fun, as is seen from the Carnival of Patras.

The city has numerous cafes, bar, clubs and restaurants, mainly in the center: the pavement of Agiou Nikolaou, the George I Square, the pedestrian street Gerokostopoulou (where university students mainly frequented) and the surrounding streets and closely the Square Ipsila Alonia. One of the most beautiful and crowded areas is the marina of Patras with several cafes and bars next to the sea overlooking the coast of Aitoloakarnania. Especially during the summer the nightlife "moves" in Rio and Vrachneika which literally transformed into noisy meeting points of young people. In these areas the green is right next to the sea, giving the impression an island while Rio also has a view of the Rio - Antirion Bridge that is impressive illuminated during night.

During the period of carnival, the nightlife of Patras is transformed and the rhythms rise. On the second last Thursday (Tsiknopempti) before the Carnival weekend, the city acquires particular colour as this is the day that hundreds of Patras’ people raise the barbecues all over town. The spotlight is the Upper Town, the old district Tasi and especially the Germanou street and the streets around it. The last week of carnival, the participants organize parties in night clubs and other places where everyone can dance till the morning.

At Egio, the nightlife has nothing to envy from a big city. In the centre of Egio the classic meeting point is the cafes and bars in the street Mitropoleos, full of life from the morning until late at night, as well as the elegant bars with the music of every kind. At the Ipsila Alonia square of the town of Egio, visitors can enjoy the coffee in the majestic Corinthian balcony overlooking the mountains of Roumeli, as Parnassos and Giona. On the beach of Egio the old warehouses have been converted into cafes and clubs for every season, giving life back to the erstwhile busy port of the golden era of raisins’ trade. During the summer the nightlife is transferred to the surrounding villages and beaches such as Logos, Akoli, Nikoleika, Elaionas and Diakofto where the beach bars, the clubs and the cafes have the main preference of the young people, combining the crystal clear waters of the sea with the beautiful pebble beaches with the nightlife for every preference.