Cinemas - Theaters

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The city of Patras, as the capital of Achaia Prefecture, has many theatrical stages and cinemas. Some of them have several years of historical and cultural offer to the public.



"Apollon" Theatre was constructed in 1872 under the plans of the great German architect Ernst Ziller. It is a miniature of La Scala in Milan and is the oldest of the surviving theatres closed in recent times and the most impressive architectural ornament of Patras. Apollon Theatre is the central stage of the Patras Municipal Regional Theatre established on 1988. It is located in the central George Square and has a capacity of 300 seats.

“Art Factory” Theatre was built at the former mills of Ladopoulos in the framework of "Patras Cultural Capital of Europe 2006". It has a capacity of 850 people located on the coast Dymeon 50.

In the same area is located the “Old Workhouse" of Patras, in which - and after the appropriate technical assistance - a theatrical scene created.

 “Epikentron” Theatre is a modern theatre hall since 2000 when it decided to operate as an alternative stage of Patras Municipal Regional Theatre. Epikentron can operate as a hall of parallel events and multiple activities while the theatre has a capacity of 150 seats.


In the renovated buildings of the old slaughterhouses of Patras (Dymeon coast), has created the theatrical stage of the multiplex “Politia” with a capacity of 140 people where in addition to the theatrical performances, film screenings are taking place

The theatre “Agora” constructed on 1990 and was housed in a building offered by the Ministry of Culture when Melina Mercouri was minister. The theatre has a capacity of 120 seats and is also used to film tributes, seminars, books etc. It is situated in Karaiskaki street.

After appropriate adjustments on 2000, the old printing press of Diakidis houses the theatre "Lithographion" which hosts innovative theatrical performances. There is no permanent stage and stalls as the space is modulated according to the needs of each performance. The theatre is located on the street Maizonos and has a capacity of 100 people.

The theatrical place “Act” is an underground building at the street Gerokostopoulou which has been modulated to accommodate professional and amateur artists of the theatre and other arts to show their work. It seats up to 65 people.

The "Pantheon" is one of the oldest theatres/cinemas in the city. It has two halls with a capacity of 550 and 250 seats respectively and hosts theatrical performances and film screenings. It is situated at Gounari street.


Besides the roofed theatres in Patras, the visitor could find major open theatres as it is the Roman Odeon of Patras at Germanou street, with invaluable historical value and large number of performances hosted in it. The Odeon has all the essential parts of a theatre: auditorium, orchestra, front stage, stage, backstage. On the 23 rows of seats can accommodate 2,900 spectators. Since the establishment of the International Festival of Patras, the ancient Odeon is the main theatre hosting leading Greek and foreign artistic groups during the summer months.

The Castle of Patras is another great historical site that has theatrical stage and was built in the second half of the 6th AD century on the ruins of the ancient Acropolis. The theatre of the Castle which created on the occasion of the events of the International Festival in 1986, accommodates 250 people, with panoramic view of the fortification of the castle. The stage has hosted numerous of musical, theatrical and dance performances as an alternative place for all the institutions of the city.

The Small Theatre of Patras’ Marina is an outdoor theatre with a capacity of 500 seats, ending literally in the sea. It is constructed by the Port Fund of Patras and hosts various cultural events during the summer months. In the same area there is a cafe, a playground and a pedestrian street right next to the sea, ideal for walks by the visitors.

The Open Folk Municipal Theatre hosts club performances, shadow theatre plays and other events. It is situated in Germanou street.


The city of Patras - such any other modern city - has contemporary cinema halls, combining film watching with other types of entertainment.


Veso Mare Complex is at Akti Dymaion Coast. It is renovated and expanded opening its doors to the public in 2001. The complex is a representative example of reuse of old industrial buildings as a centre of entertainment and fun. A multiplex of 8 cinema halls is also housed in the complex using the most modern audiovisual media. The Film Club of Patras is also making here weekly film projections, continuing to offer its cultural services to the residents and visitors of Patras.

altThe historical cinema “Pantheon” is the oldest operating cinema in Patras at Gounari street. During the last years, several changes have been occurred while once used to be a summer open cinema and now has been fully renovated with 2 modern cinema rooms showing last distribution movies. Pantheon is also hosting itinerant theatrical groups very often.

“Ideal” used to be an historical cinema in Patras, while in 2006 was renovated and transformed into a place of culture and entertainment. It has a small multiplex cinema room presenting experimental projections and theatrical performances.

Once the city of Patras had sufficient number of summer open cinema places but unfortunately - following the trends of modern times - has now left only one open-air cinema which operates since 1962. “Aello” remains a true gem in the urban fabric of Patras at Papaflessa street, in a beautiful environment reminder of the older days. Moreover, the cinema “Castro” in the municipality of Rio is in an idyllic green landscape in Somerset Street, giving the perfect opportunity to escape during the summer months.

Egio, the second largest city in the prefecture of Achaia, has also important places for cultural events with the most important the Apollon Municipal Cinema which is offer to the public the newly films and hosts performances of Athenian cultural groups. and local clubs.

Other summer open-air cinemas are at the Municipality of Simpolitia as well as at the Municipality of Diakopto, at Eleonas where the visitor could enjoy a movie with the summer freshness of the sea breeze.