Sources of Aroanios river and Ladonas ( Planitero-Lykouria)

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piges_aroaniou.jpgThe Sources of Aroanios, are supplying water to Ladon and at 7.5 km from Kleitoria smells trout. The reason? The trout farm operating in the region of Planitero, under the protective umbrella of trees and water. Here, salmon production has also been initiated.

From ancient times, the fishes of Aroanios and Ladon were famous since Pausanias refers to them. The scenery here is idyllic and old watermills are at the region. At 7.5 km from the source of Ladon, one is the village of Likouria, which is built on 745 meters between trees. Built on the ancient Likouria renowned for its wonderful climate.