Chelmos mountain

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 Helmos mountain or Aroania (2.355 μ.)


Close to the borders of Arcadia Region, near Kalavryta, there is Helmos Mountain. In Slavic, Helmos means snowed mountain. From Neraidorachi to Stygos Ydata, from Planitero to the Ski Centresof Kalavryta, from Elatofyto to Souvardo, there are hundreds of places visitors can admire and enjoy.

Even if you have not yet discovered the magic in trecking and climbing, you will surely do so if you begin with Helmos which by the way is included in the "NATURA 2000" network...

Legends, myths and history impress visitors and challenge historic scholars. Conifer trees (Ables cephalonica) and cypresses (Juniperus foetidissima) cover the largest part of its mountainsides.

Stavromitis is the bird that loves Helmos and is mainly fed with pinions that Helmos offers so generously. Another bird is also falcon; it is possible for visitors to meet it close to Zarouhla’s forests. When it comes to rodents, there is a unique species resembling to mouse called "nanos kriaetos". As for carnivorous species, there are plenty of foxes, crows, carrion crows and badgers. However, the most beautiful aspect of Helmos is its butterflies, which one can meet only there and nowhere else in Europe (Agrodiaetus iphigenia and A. Coelestinus). At the lower parts of the mountain we might also come across blue butterflies.
Peaks of Helmos