Cultural Events of Tritaia and Kaletzi

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tritaia.jpgAn outdoor festival is held at the villages from spring to autumn, each time a a saint celebrates. During the feasts traditional folk music and dances take place, always accompanied by genuine traditional meals. But there are many other events in recent years that have become an institution in the region.

Region of Stavrodromi - Tritaia

"People's Assembly" of Tritaia municipality is an annual event. It is organized and carried out for symbolic and substantive reasons at the archaeological site of Ancient Tritaia. All residents of Tritaia can participate at the Democratic convention to express their views and positions for the region and its future.

Fair of Vantouchla 
The annual trade fair is held at "Hani Vountouchlas" in early September. The fair keeps its old glory and it is an important social and cultural event for the region. Breeders and farmers arrive to the area to sell their products.

Two-days on the Mountain 
These events are held each year in order to promote the beauties of the region and exploit them as suitable sites for sports such as paragliding, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking.


Region of Agios Georgios - Kaletzi


Since 1980 there is an active cultural association operating at Kalentzi, which organizes cultural and sporting events especially in August. Also, each year during July, an event is held in order to honor the great politician Andreas Papandreou, former leader and prime minister. On July 26th, there are celebrations for Agia Paraskevi, religious festival with folk music and traditional food.