Ziria-Lampiri Region Cultural Events

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krasi.jpgOn the day of the local Saint’s celebration, a festival is being held where thousands of people gather from all around the region to honor the Saint, admire the churches’ religious paintings, taste the local specialities and the famous wine when on the same time they enjoy the traditional songs and dances. In early August, the Erineos Municipality “drink’s” a lot of wine at the wine festival in Ano Ziria. The most popular cultural events are the “Ripika” and “Panoziriotika”. 

The Panoziriotika was an initiative of Ziria’s local actors who aimed at making their local products known to the wider public. The festival takes place every year with wine contests and awarding of the “best wine of the year” prize. Ziria’s wine is well known for its amazing flavor and aroma. During the festival, the visitors, apart from free wine, can taste the local cuisine and attend dances and music performances (at noon traditional and folk music while in the evening, popular programme).


Each year, a series of cultural events are being held during the summertime, known as “Ripika”, that combine cultural and sport events with the participation of bands and artists, both from Greece and abroad, with theatrical plays and music performances.
Source: www.erineos.gr