Cultural Events of Diakopto

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elikia2009.jpgOn the second Saturday of June a festival is organised at the picturesque harbor of Diakopto at Nikolaiika, called Fest of Sardines, while in November the findings of the ongoing excavations at ancient Eliki arepresented. The last 10 days of July and the first 10 days of August the Elikeia Events - Neptune Events take place with performances, concerts, etc. The penultimate Sunday of May the Passage of Vouraikos and Fasting Monday are held accompanied with the flying of kites.

The Feast of Sardines is organised with the cooperation of the Naval group of Diakopto and bake thousands of sardines accompanied by delicious wine of our region, whch are freely distributed. Dance bands and live music helps to create a fun atmosphere that continues until the early morning hours where the events end with spectacular fireworks.
In November, the findings of the ongoing excavations of ancient Eliki are presented. The Society of Friends of Ancient Eliki in cooperation with the town of Diakopto organize a the presentation of findings from the excavations of the past year. Public participation is huge.

The last 10 days of July and the first 10 days of August Elikeia Cultural Events - Poseidonia Events are held. Cultural events take place (dancing groups - theatrical performances - concerts - exhibitions - lectures - folklore dancing nighs etc.) with the major involvement of the surrounding communities and visitors. During the event there is a night dedicated to our compatriot actor Dionysis Papagiannopoulos. Actors, artists, scholars participate in this event. Public participation is so great that more than 1500 seats are set at the central city square. The same phenomenon occurs during the closing days of the events when famous artists are invited to entertain us. It is worth mentioning that the attendance in all events is free.

perasma_bouraikou.jpgThe penultimate Sunday of May at Greek Train Organization establishments, the city welcomes the climbers descended from the gorge of the River Vouraikos.
Free bus transport is provided for the mountaineers from Kalavrita, where the start of the Annual Gorge Pass begins. Climbers are given commemorative diplomas, shirts and hats.



On the first Monday right after the carnival, at the Eastern Beach Music and Dance Bands, Cultural Societies are amusing the visitors, while free food and plenty of wine is given away. Also the tradition is to fly colourful kites up in the sky.

Finally, a major religious festival takes place on February 1st, the day of St. Tryphon patron of the city.