Cultural Events at University of Patras

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conference_center.jpgAt the University of Patra, many cultural events take place every year with the Cultural Week being the most important one, organized either by the members of the academic community or guests.

For the further development and coordination of the various cultural events a Committee for Cultural Development has been established to ensure the conditions for the development of new cultural activities and groups.
University’s main desire is the active participation of its employees and students in the various cultural groups which are either formal organizations or run under the University’s supervision. A significant infrastructure of the University’s cultural activities development is the Conference and Cultural Centre,, while, other main activities of the University are:
The Patras University Press publishes scholarly oriented books
The University’s Cultural Week
Symposiums, Conferences, Lectures
The University’s Choir and Orchestra concerts
Employees Theatre Group’s theatrical plays
Employees Dance Group’s events
Students Cultural Groups’ activities
Painting, photography and other exhibitions
Concerts, recitals
The university cooperates with the TOPALI Foundation, the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patra and the Municipality of Patra for concerts and theatrical performances.

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