Prehistoric Outline

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Following an archaeological research, the presence of the food-collector, palaeolithic man has been established in the area of Achaia, in two neighboring locations at the feet of mountain Movri, near Elaiochorio of the present Municipality of Dymi, where blades and other Paleolithic tools have been found.


However, there are more archaeological findings in over 70 prehistoric locations, extending from the Neolithic age to the Protogeometrical years (about 6.000 – 900 B.C.). The findings in two of the 70 prehistoric locations, that is in the area of "The Wall of Dymaioi" near Araxos River and in the village of Sylivaina near Lappas village in the present municipality of Larissos, are related to the Achaic, neolithic man.

The archaeological findings in the other locations, in Elaiohori and again in "The Wall of Dymaioi" as well as in Aigio, in the "Cavern of Kastries" in the Municipality of Lefkasio, in Portes in the Municipality of Olenia, in Kamares in the Municipality of Erineos, in Aigeira in the Municipality of Aigeira and elsewhere, are related to the protohellenic period of the copper age (3.000 – 2.000 B.C.), while the findings (again) in Elaiohori and "The Wall of Dymaioi", in Katarraktis and in Moiralis’s in the Municipality of Farres, in Arravonitsa in the Municipality of Erineos, in Sylivaina in the Municipality of Larissos, in Patras (district of Pagona) and elsewhere, are related to the messohellenic period (2.000 – 1.600 B.C.).

Finally, the archaeological findings in a number of Achaic areas, such as in the Municipality of Messatida (Petroto, Kallithea, Krini), in the Municipality of Olenia (Mitopolo, Spaliaraiika), in the Municipality of Patras (Vouteni, Klaus, Pagona), in Agiovlassitika in the Municipality of Dymi, in Halandritsa in the Municipality of Farres and elsewhere, are related to the Mycenaean age.