Christian Doctrine

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In multinational Patras of the Roman Age, Protokletos Apostle Andreas taught the Christian doctrine for the first time, in Nero’s reign.

The miracles that Apostolos performed and, in particular, his teachings at the temple of goddess Demetra where his renowned church is now situated triggered the interest of the people of Patras who gathered around him in great numbers.

However, the infamous, persecutions of Nero stopped his teachings and he died on the cross in about 66 A.D. at the age of 80, at the place where he was teaching. However, Apostle Andreas had spread the word in Dymi and in Leondio where, according to tradition, he was betrayed by a peasant and turned into the Romans.

Stratokles was the first Bishop of the Archaic Chrurch after Protokletos Andreas, and he is the first point of reference in the history of the church tradition in the area.

Evangelist Lukas also stayed in Achaia and the icon of Virgin Mary in the Monastery of the Great Cavern in Kalavryta is supposed to be his own work.