Vouraikos Canyon

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________.gif This canyon is associated with the myth of Hercules who uses his sword to cut the rock into two and reach Evristheas or, according to another version, his beloved Voura, daughter of Eliki. Vouraikos was named after Voura. Ancient Greeks called it Erassinos.


The valley of Vouraikos used to be a lake, just like the whole area around Kalavryta. Its waters found an outlet to the sea and created this wonderful canyon. It begins 3km north of village Kato Zahlorou at an altitude of 730 meters and goes along the river for 20 km before it ends in village Diakopto. There are waterfalls, stalactite and stalagmite caves, vegetation that includes maple trees, as well as conifers and olive trees.

trenaki_voyraiko.jpgThis formerly inaccessible place became "friendly" with the help of technology on 10th March 1896, when the rack rail was constructed. Harilaos Trikoupis ordered his construction in 1889 and its cost came up to 3,900,000 golden drachmas.
treno2.jpg The train operates to the present day and offers its passengers the unique opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the canyon. The trip starts in Diakopto and continues to some wonderful if a little narrow passages, like Niamata, Portes, Triklia, Sifoni and the "court" which is a cave with stalagmites that look like a court room. There has never been an accident on the track rail.


Rack Railway Timetable

From Kalavryta to Diakopto:
09:28 Daily 
12:27 Daily 
14:10 Weekends & bank holidays 
15:30 Daily 
Weekends & bank holidays

From Diakopto to Kalavryta:
08:10 Daily 
11:15 Daily 
12:33 Weekends & bank holidays 
14:12 Daily 
Weekends & bank holidays

Diakopto Rail Station 2691 043206
Kalavryta Rail Station 2692 022245
Customer Service 1110

Ticket Price 
9.50 euro
19.00 euro round trip 

Source: www.kalavrita.gov.gr