Ladonas River

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ladonas.gifLadon is the waterway "link" of the prefectures of Achaia and Arcadia, and one of the oldest rivers, that mythology calls it "dragon", a place for divine appointments and numerous battles of the Twelve God of Olumpus. Ladonas of the ancients has recently been transformed to a sports river (rafting, kayaking, fishing, and hiking).

Length exceeding 60 km and a shap that looks on the map like a snake "body". it is enriched with the waters of Aroanios and together reach to the borders of the two perfectures to fill with freshness the lovely man-manufactured lake where the hydroelectric plant operates. The sources of the Ladon are just before the village Likouria. The river is mentioned by Pausanias, who visited the area about 174 AD, and wrote "there is no more beautiful river or in Greece or elsewhere. The wetlands of Ladon and the lake, are also widely known ue to the rare birds, fish and plants.

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