Afrodisio - Klokos - Skolis - Movri - Skiadovouni

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klokos.jpg AFRODIDIO (1.445 m.)
With its back on Arcadia, between Tripotamo and Dafni, reaching 1.445 meters. There are some really beautiful and picturesque small villages called Vesini and Dehouni which are traditional settlements, and southern there are Dafni (Strezova) and the Byzantine Monastery of Evangelistria. River Seiraios, gives people its freshness. On the mountain Afrodisio, there is the unique forest of Barbou with its perennial chestnuts, characterized as a natural monument. Afrodisio is also a place with a large number of wild boars; it is thus famous during hunting season.
Peaks of Afrodisio



fteri1.jpg KLOKOS (1.777 m.)
Between Panachaiko and Helmos, Nature has placed Klokos, reaching 1.777 meters and being equally beautiful. Surrounded by Vouraikos and Selinountas with plenty of fir forests and an extended holly area in the middle of Achaia there it stands. River Kerynitis, separates Klokos from Rouskio (1457 meters). It is quite an interesting mountain, easily accessible from Pteri Village (elevation around 1000 metres). Above Pteri village there is a marvelous fir forest. In the open fields of Klokos we will meet Kokkinokefalas. This is a bird, not a usual one. The impressive crown chain of Pepelenikos (1.405 m) is one of the meeting points, during reproduction time, of ten millions coccinella septepunctata! The glory of nature at its peak!
alt SKOLIS (960 m.)
Flat Western Achaia has its own little "hill" discovered by climbers and mountaineers. It’s only 960 meters high and its beauty mainly consists of the naked and steep rocks. Older people say that when it gets cloudy on the top, rain is just a matter of time.
Mountain Skolis is situated at the western part of Erymanthos and its higher crown is Profitis Ilias reaching 960 meters. It is also called Santameri above Santameri village and Porteiko, above Portes village.
xlorida.jpg MOVRI (692 m.)
It’s the extension of mountain Skolis on the Western part of Achaia and its height reaches 692 meters. Long ago, its name used to be "Mavroneri" because the residents of Achaia used to accuse the mountain every time it was cloudy and rainy. Franks retained the name and as a paraphrase of Mauvre (=Mayroneri=Black Mountains) turned the name into Movri.
skolis_santameri.jpg SKIADOVOUNI (1.466 m.)
It’s an extension of Erymanthos Mountain on the left, as you face the map. With its back on Ilia Region reaching 1.466m, it "overlooks" Tritaia area.