Erymanthos mountain

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 ERYMANTHOS (2.224 m)


Natural border with Ileia’s Region. The micipalities of Aroania, Tritaia, Kalavryta and Farres share its beautiful places. It is the native of the notorious wiled boar, killed by Hercules.
In any case, this mountain has been a shelter to all victims during Turkish Occupancy and later on during Italian - German Occupancy...

It belongs to the geological zone of Olenos-Pindos and has got many water springs and valleys up to 1500 m. high.
The visitor can admire the beauty of the redish slopes and the forrests of fir (Ables cephalonica) that cover the greater part of the northen slope of the mountain at a hight of 1.800 - 1.900 μ. The south slopes are also covered by fir and cypress forests (Juniperus foetidissima) at a hight of 1.600 -1.700 μ. and over.
Conifer trees (Ables cephalonica) and cypresses (Juniperus foetidissima) cover the largest part of its mountainsides. In Erymanthos, one will also come across Amanitis, the red hat with white spots mushroom, one of the poisonous mushrooms causing severe gastrointestinal disorders and hallucinations. It is also the favourite place of the rare butterfly Parnassio Apollo.
As for wildlife, there are mainly badgers, a great variety of birds including jackdaws (purrhocorax graculus), which are black with yellow beak. Erymanthos it is also very attractive to friends of walking and mountaineering.
Peaks of Erymanthos