Ancient Aigio

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The findings from antiquity are scattered around the city. In the area of Deksameni excavations revealed two rectangular buildings of 500 BC and 400 BC respectively. The same excavation has also confirmed the existence of a cemetery of the classic years northwest of the same place, while at Ipsila Alonia Square (the main square of the city) there were discovered tombs of the Mycenaean era. Towards the sea, two other cemeteries (a Hellenistic and a Roman) also came to light.

The important buildings of the ancient city, mentioned in detail by Paphsanias, were destroyed by many earthquakes, from the Romans and other invaders. Findings from Aigio and Aigialeia are now kept in the Archaeological Museum of the City.

Mycenaean Cemetary: Tombs of the Mycenaean period are saved in Kallithea, above the Temple of Zoodohos Pigi.

Building of the Classic period: Part of a public building of the 4th century BC, is preserved on the corner of Solomou and Rouvali St.